Fan of the Month: APRIL 2021

Fan of the Month: APRIL 2021

Apr 13th 2021

Collector: Kristofer Falk

Location: Port Washington, Wisconsin 


When did you first start collecting?

2009. My co-worker at the time and a friend is a huge toy collector. He collects a lot of different things. I took interested in his Minimates. I thought I was so cool how he had them displayed. I started getting a few and then more. pretty soon I have an impressive collection myself.

How did you start collecting?

I collected baseball cards as a very young kid as well as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I always wanted to get each TMNT figure in the early 90s. I have always been fascinated with toys in general. I didn't start collecting professionally until 2009.

What was the first item that started your Diamond Select Toys collection?

My first Minimates were the Age of Apocalypse comic book TRU series. I never stopped buying them since that day and eventually I started getting Marvel Comic Gallery figures as well.



What are your favorite/ most prized pieces in your collection?

I have an LOTR prototype of the unreleased wave. It is the Twilight Witch-King. I got lucky and was on eBay at the right time, which i think was in 2012.

Does your collection have a theme? (Star Wars, Marvel, Superheroes, Disney, DC, etc.)

In general, most of my collection is Marvel characters. I have a lot of the different Minimates franchises though.

What is the most recent Diamond Select Toys item you’ve acquired?

I have recently pre-ordered Marvel Wave 80. They look great and I cannot wait for more. I really want to get my hands on the Marvel Gallery Dark Phoenix that is releasing soon. Also I can't wait for the Avatar Last Airbender Gallery figures!


Thanks Kristofer for sharing your collection! We think you have some pretty great pieces.

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