Give the Gift of Green!

Give the Gift of Green!

Mar 1st 2021

Green Gift Guide

With a little luck on your side and this Green Gift Guide, you can avoid getting pinched by Leprechauns! Shop our amazing green collectibles from characters with green skin, green outfits, and green mist!

MARVEL - Hulk Gallery Diorama

Thanks to gamma radiation, the brutish but lovable beast is undeniably green! He’ll Hulk Smash the leprechaun before he gets to pinching. Inspired by the comics, the Hulk Gallery Diorama stands approximately 11 inches tall with Hulk on top of a heap of rubble. He is available on our site for $49.99! Order now!

MARVEL - Green Goblin Classic Select Action Figure

The Green Goblin unmasks Spiderman in this classic action figure set inspired by the Spiderman comics! His unhinged fury and “bag of tricks” will be sure to keep the leprechauns at bay this St. Patty’s Day! Order now for $29..99 at or find a store at!

Cthulhu Legends in 3-Dimensions Bust

Scare the leprechauns away with H.P Lovecraft’s legendary tentacled monstrosity, Cthulhu! The 1:2 scale Legends in 3D Bust is approximately 10 inches tall and can be found at and! Order now for $175.00!

Best of the Muppets Series 1 Assortment - Kermit and Miss. Piggy

Hop into this St. Patrick Day with the famous green puppet, Kermit the Frog! Rereleased in a The Best of the Muppets Series 1 set with Miss Piggy and accessories, Kermit can be found in specialty stores and comic shops for $24.99! Find a store here!

MARVEL- Mysterio Gallery Diorama

This supervillain is just as mysterious and mischievous as a Leprechaun! Standing in a shroud of green mist, Mysterio projects illusions towards his victims in our 9 inch Marvel Gallery Diorama. Available for $49.99 at or your local comic shop!

MARVEL- Vision Premier Collection Statue

With Marvel’s WandaVision wrapping up on Disney+, you’ll want this synthezoid on your side to fend off mischievous beings! Vision is captured in his green and yellow suit with an outreached hand in our Premier Collection Statue. Order now for $150.00 at or find a store at!