It's the Clash of the Elite!

It's the Clash of the Elite!

Posted by DSTJessie on Apr 7th 2023

An epic wrestling smackdown is coming - who will you send to the ring? DST is breaking out our own virtual mat for a “Clash of the Elite" Fan Tournament all throughout March and you’re the ones driving the results! This two-part event will rely on the fans to ultimately name one AEW Wrestler DST’s Elite Fan Favorite!

In addition, all participants will have a chance to win a grand prize pack of AEW Merch, thanks to our friends at All Elite Wrestling!

Part one of The Clash will start March 11th at 9:00 AM EST. You’ll be able to submit your favorite tag team, trio, or male and female wrestlers into the pool for voting in Part two.

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. PART 2 is currently in session. Voting form below.


Part two will begin March 14th and follow the voting schedule below. You’ll get 1 entry per round you participate in. Level up your chances to win the AEW Prize Pack by participating in each round!

Voting Schedule:

    • First Round (Men's Singles) - March 14th-15th
    • Second Round (Women's Singles) - March 16th-17th
    • Third Round (Tag Teams) - March 20th-23rd
    • Fourth Round (Trios) - March 24th-26th
    • Fifth Round (Men's and Women's Singles) - March 27th-30th
    • Semi Finals (All Groups )- March 31st-1st
    • Final Smackdown (All Groups)- April 2st-3rd

The Winner will be announced the second week of April via social media and all official channels.  

DST Fan Favorite Wrestlers

65% of votes for Kenny Omega

55% of votes for Jaime Hayter

62% of votes for Lucha Bros

55% of votes for House of Black


The Elite prize pack is as followed:

    • AEW Sting Vinimate (Packaged in a clear bag with header card)
    • Signed CM Punk/Sting (Holiday Bash 2021) Vinimates 2 Pack
    • Signed Darby Allin Minimates Photo
    • Choice of 1 of the following pre-orders
      • CM Punk Gallery Diorama
      • AEW (Series 1) Minimates
      • John Moxley Gallery Diorama
      • Young Bucks Minimates 2-Pack
    • Offical Merch from All Elite Wrestling!
      • AEW Logo Hat
      • AEW Logo Drawstring Bag
      • AEW Unrivaled Collection Chris Jericho Action Figure
    • Official Upper Deck AEW Card Pack

Prize Winners


Main AEW Prize Pack : Kathy Mullins

Runner Up #1: Peter Giangrande

Runer Up #2: Matthew Tower