Rewards Program Update

Rewards Program Update

Posted by DST Jessie on Aug 8th 2022

Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant, LTD are revamping our rewards program so you’ll get more for your loyalty! Starting Mid-August, we’ll be adding more ways to earn points/gems, leveling up your reward redemption options, and enabling VIP tiers!


As we move over to a new rewards platform, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Why is DST switching to a new rewards service?

  • The collecting community has spoken! We've heard your concerns and have found a new program that will offer a more seamless gems delivery system.


What happens to all of my accrued reward gems?

  • Great news! We’ll be transferring over all of your reward gems to the new system so you won’t have to start at 0. If you notice your points are off or missing, please contact to have your points added manually.


Will I lose any coupons I have used gems to redeem?

  • Any unused coupons will be canceled and reverted back to reward points on your new account.

What new rewards or ways to earn gems will be offered?

  • We’ll announce any new rewards via email, socials, and our blog! You can subscribe to our email newsletter, follow us on socials, or check our blog weekly to stay up to all DST announcements.

Thanks for being a Diamond Select Toys & Gentle Giant, LTD collector! Check back soon for more information on our rewards program.