Crimson Dynamo Select Action Figure

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A Diamond Select Toys release! Iron Man thought he had his hands full with the Titanium Man, but now he has to face the Crimson Dynamo! The latest Marvel Select 1/10 scale action figure is none other than Dimitri Bukharin himself, the fifth man to wear the armor, who teamed up with Titanium Man to battle Iron Man in the 1980s. A Soviet hero and sometime member of the Winter Guard, you can now own a piece of comic book history with this meticulously crafted, classically-styled 8-inch action figure.

Including intercahngable hands, blast effects, non-masked head, and 2 additional removable masks, this action figure offers a customizable experience, allowing you to recreate iconic poses and scenes from the pages of Marvel comics. The figure comes packaged in our signature Select action figure packaging, designed to showcase the figure's intricate details while keeping it safe and display-ready.

Each Crimson Dynamo figure is a work of art, designed by the renowned artist Yuri Timg and masterfully sculpted by May Thamtarana. This collectible masterpiece is more than just a figure; it's a tangible piece of the Marvel universe that you can proudly display in your collection.