Gandalf the White Deluxe Gallery Diorama

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A Diamond Select Toys release! You shall not pass...not without ordering this amazing Gallery Diorama from DST! Wearing his white robes from the second and third movies in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Gandalf holds sword and staff in hand, ready to do battle with the next orc or wizard to challenge him.

Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, each flowing fold of his robes and determined lines on his weathered face, is conceived and sculpted in high-quality PVC by Caesar and Anissa Tchoub! Packaged in a striking full-color window box, the Gandalf Gallery Diorama is a captivating centerpiece for your collection.

Portrayed with captivating gravitas by Sir Ian McKellen in the cinematic adaptations, Gandalf is more than a mere spellcaster; he is a guiding force who weaves the destinies of hobbits, elves, dwarves, and men together. Gandalf's legacy stretches beyond fiction, evoke the enchantment of Middle-earth in your own space with the Gandalf the White Deluxe Gallery Diorama!

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